Saturday, October 24, 2009

NCS PLotting Guidelines and Revit

The Plotting guidelines is a graphical part of the NCS. The plotting guidelines has two focus, first the line weight of plotted lines, and the color of those plotted lines.
The NCS calls for 9 different line weights, while Revit has the ability to assign 16 different line weights. The definition of these 16 line weights are defined by inches or millimeters depending on the Project Units. In this section of the NCS the different line weights are defined only in millimeters, but in the part 10 of the NCS they define the line weights in both millimeters and inches.
The default line weights that Revit defines for the first 9 line widths are close to what NCS defines, but are exact, so these scales will have to be adjusted.

The NCS limits the color variation that can be printed out to 255 colors which should be more than enough for 2d drafted objects. The colors are defined by RGB not CYMK. In Revit there are about six places where colors are defined, Object styles, Line styles, Fill patterns, Materials, Walls and Color Schemes.


William said...

In the image of the Revit line weights which scale are you refering to...and how do you handle the scale changes?

mamiller said...

I know that Revit has given us the ability to change the line width of the same line at different scale but I have never really seen a use for this. In a NCS way of thinking a .25mm pen should be a .25mm pen not a .125mm not a .025mm pen no matter what the scale is.