Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Using the Keynote Manager

I recently did a quick presentation to my firm talking the benefits of using the Keynote Manager for writing Revit Keynotes. Back in the day when we were just using Autocad we had created a routine that read a text file just like the Revit keynote system does. For us it was an easy transition (for noting) to Revit. Some of the benefits for us have been:

  • Keynote file is kept up to-date. In the past if multiple had tried to edit the text file notes would go missing, with the keynote manager program more then one person could be viewing the text file and if changes are made everyone sees the change.
  • There is a dictionary to check spelling.
  • There is a function of the keynote manager to always type your notes in caps even if you write the note with lower case. This is great since the NCS says that all text that goes on sheets should be in capital lettering.
  • You can add comments to some of the notes, and all notes that have comments are high lighted. This is useful when using a master list and you wan to note which notes are not in your current project.
  • When adding notes the keynote manager will add the next consecutive number.
  • When you want to print out the list, the printout is a clean and easy to read document, much better then a printout where the notes tend to blend together.

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